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Educational Worksheets

Architecture and Preservation

Architectural Styles

Introducing Landmarks
A brochure connecting classroom curricula to the built environment.

Introducing Architecture
A series of worksheets and activities for classroom use.

Historic Preservation Word Search
Find 21 words in this puzzle.


Memories From Miller
This illustrated booklet of essays and artwork from students and mentors in the Mercy/Miller After-School Enrichment Program includes a history of the former Miller School in the Hill District, by Patty Sughrue, graduate student, Department of Sociology, University of Pittsburgh. It was published by the Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation and Pittsburgh Mercy Health System on the occasion of the centennial celebration of Miller School in 2005. Miller School was closed in 2006 and was relocated to McKelvy School on Bedford Avenue. The Pittsburgh Public School there now is called Miller African Centered Academy.

Downtown Tours

Downtown Pittsburgh Bingo Worksheet
Downtown Pittsburgh Bingo Answers

8 Downtown Walking Tour Fact & Photo Detail Sheets

Urban Survival: Revitalizing Pittsburgh


Kennywood: A Classroom For Learning
A booklet of worksheets for elementary and middle school students.

Kennywood Detail Sheets

The 30-Minute Kennywood Architect

Kennywood Timeline and Facts

Math Worksheets

Downtown Landmarks: Geometry on First Side

Story problems, graphing, and measuring based on facts about 10 downtown landmarks


Download a convenient guide to architectural terms and styles you can use when walking Pittsburgh’s Main Streets.

Learn how Main Streets make a city like Pittsburgh more “livable.”

View or download 19 photos of Pittsburghers from around 1860 to 1992
(Images download in a zip file. Unzip and you will be able to access the higher resolution photos.)

Map of Pittsburgh’s 3 Rivers and Eastern US

Pittsburgh Trivia Cards
Test your knowledge with 102 multiple choice questions

Pittsburgh Trivia Cards Answer Sheet

Portable Pittsburgh Timeline
Work with your students to add photos and facts to this poster with 3 timelines: one for your family, one for your community, and one for your city.

Portable Pittsburgh Timeline Map

Station Square

Station Square Scavenger Hunt
Packed with information on the former P&LE Railroad

Station Square Scavenger Hunt Answer Sheet

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