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Architecture & Body Building

Construct a Human Building

Construct the walls of a house with two rows of students facing each other. Ask them to stretch their arms up and touch each others’ fingertips to form a roof.

Add more students to enlarge the house. For example, they could form a garage or porch. Move students slightly apart to create windows. Additional students can “become” trees, a sidewalk, or a lamppost. Add a sidewalk by having a person lie down on his/her back. Talk about structure, ornamentation, enclosure, and function: how are the spaces used?

Have several students walk through the building and yard when your house is completed!

Forces in Architecture

Feel in your body the pressure, stretching, and bending that architects must deal with when they design buildings.

Use the sheet below to act out how your students can be a column, arch, lintel, and cantilever, among other things, and feel the forces of compression and tension. Call 412-471-5808, ext. 537  for more information.

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