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Kennywood & Architecture

PHLF has designed two programs that students or families can participate in when visiting Kennywood, a National Historic Landmark and the sole surviving amusement park in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

Geometry at Kennywood

Contact Louise Sturgess at PHLF (; 412-471-5808 ext 536) to request this pocket-size booklet of 18 geometry problems for high school students to solve at Kennywood.

The 30-Minute Kennywood Architect

Explore Lost Kennywood and complete a series of worksheets. You’ll be challenged to read a site plan, sketch architectural details, and design a new amusement park ride.

Kennywood Detail Sheets

Find the locations of 48 photographic details in Kennywood. There are 8 worksheets, with 6 details on each, and an answer key. You’ll notice all sorts of architectural details and design elements that give character to Kennywood.

Download the Worksheets

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