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Just writing to commend PHLF on providing such wonderfully informative tours….I know PHLF is instrumental in proving the base for PNC, Point Park University, and other developers when considering renovation and restoration. How lucky I am to live in this area and watch the beauty grow and develop…. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in bringing beauty, dignity, and preservation back to our city.

John and Angela Johnston (June 20, 2014) after a PHLF walking tour of Downtown Pittsburgh.


Stephen Shelton, of the Trade Institute of Pittsburgh gives a demonstration on laying bricks and mortar at an LPRC workshop

The Pittsburgh History & Landmarks Foundation is an active, influential, visionary, results-oriented organization that has led the way in fostering a preservation ethic throughout the region—but we still have a lot of work to do as historic landmarks and communities continue to age.

Every day is a new challenge, but with limited resources we work with others to address major problems in our communities. We believe strongly in the words of our leader and co-founder Arthur Ziegler: “Through the place we renew the spirit of the people.”

Join us in the effort. Give to PHLF. Become a member. Volunteer with us.

This city and this region is our museum. Take a free walking tour of Downtown Pittsburgh or a specialized neighborhood or thematic history tour; visit Wilkinsburg and see how historic preservation is helping to transform a neighborhood; attend an architectural history lecture or a DIY workshop at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center.

This organization depends on your engagement. Together, we move forward in Renewing Communities; Building Pride.

You know I am always one to tell you when I have a fantastic PHLF experience.  Thus, I wanted to let you know that I attended the Public Art workshop this past Saturday in Wilkinsburg.  It was so informative and I learned so much. Thanks so much for sponsoring such an educational and meaningful event.

Lisa A. Pilewski (March 10, 2015) after attending a community art symposium at the Landmarks Preservation Resource Center, Wilkinsburg.

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