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Downtown Retail in Historic Buildings Loan

The Downtown Retail in Historic Building Loans Product is designed to attract retailers to historic buildings in an effort to improve the facades and first floor interior spaces of historic buildings in Downtown Pittsburgh and in the historic Main Street communities that are part of Allegheny County’s Allegheny Together Program.

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Real Estate Pre-development Loan

The Real Estate Pre-development Loan product is designed to provide up front higher risk capital for pre-development activities. LCC understands borrowers’ needs and provides flexibility to enable high-impact preservation developments to move forward.

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Real Estate Construction/Rehab Loan

The Real Estate Construction/Rehab Loan product is designed to provide construction/rehab capital for restoration activities. LCC provides the capital and technical assistance to developers to help ensure success of the real estate development project.

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Landmarks Building Improvement Program

The Landmarks Building Improvement Loan product is designed to increase the supply of safe and affordable housing in historic buildings within the City of Butler. LCC is partnering with the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Butler (RACB) to market this loan product.

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